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Golden Section Finder Bundle
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Perfect proportions observed in nature often follow the theory of the golden section. The golden section is the ratio between the dimensions of natural and geometric forms. Historically, artists, designers and architects have used it as a means of defining beauty in a theoretical rather than intuitive way. Use the Golden Section Finder, a pocket sized gazing device, to locate the proportional perfection in your surroundings.

Save 10% with the Golden Section Finder Bundle - includes both a blue and a yellow Golden Section Finder.

Purchase individually for $10 each here.

laser etched acrylic
3.35" L x 2" W x 0.3" D
8.5 cm L x 5.4 cm W x 0.3 cm D

While researching the discredited pseudoscience of Phrenology, I discovered that phrenologists believed they were able to understand different aspects of our personality by reading the bumps on our head.  I was interested in making an object or an 'instrument' that would address each of those phenomena and enable the user to harness these personality traits. One of the traits I chose was sublimity.

Sublimity is about seeing the beauty in your surroundings. This made me question how we measure beauty now and what has been used in the past. I was familiar with the golden ratio as a well-loved  measurement often appearing in nature and architecture.  This led to the idea of the golden section finder as an instrument or lens to seek beauty in our surroundings, enabling our brains to capture patterns in our environments.
-Parsons and Charlesworth