The Buckminster Fuller Institute & Brendan Ravenhill

Buckminster Fuller Institute

The Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) extends the profoundly relevant legacy of R. Buckminster Fuller by encouraging the disciplines of art, science, design and technology to come together and to bring forth the collective intelligence required to address the unprecedented challenges before us. BFI’s programs encourage practitioners and students to conceive of and apply transformative strategies based on whole-system thinking, fundamental principles found in nature, and an ethical worldview. Dedicated to accelerating visionary, comprehensive, whole-system solutions to critical problems, BFI supports change makers with The Fuller Challenge annual prize, and sponsors educational experiences, including conferences, symposia, and exhibitions—that transform our thinking. Learn more at

Brenden Ravenhill

During his childhood years in Cote d’Ivoire and summers in coastal Maine, Brendan fell in love with the functional beauty of working tools and wooden boats. It's no surprise to learn that his father curated a show called the Art of the Personal Object at the Smithsonian when he was a kid. He received a Sculpture degree from Oberlin College in 2001 and after graduating with a Masters in Industrial Design from RISD in 2009, Brendan opened a studio in Los Angeles, which today specializes in furniture, lighting, and product design. Their work is devoid of excess and ornament, striving for a logical celebration of physics, material and craft. Learn more at