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Salon: Numbers LED Clock

March 06, 2015

Our Numbers LED Clock by Jonas Damon was a featured in an article on in a post titled, "The New York Times just will not rest until you buy this" by Justin Slaughter.

The article humorously timelines the many instances over the years that the New York Times has featured Damon's alarm clock as a must have.  

"On Thursday, The Times published the last edition of the stand-alone Home section, but not before giving a final shout-out to the wacky cube clock. “Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday,” the story noted, “and in the spirit of springing forward, the interior designer Antonino Buzzetta, 30, went looking for stylish bedside clocks.”(Right! He was going shopping for clocks already, and not simply because the New York Times asked him to be part of a puffy product feature.)

One of the clocks Buzzetta selected: Areaware’s L.E.D. cubes. It looked so familiar that we visited Lexis.

Turns out the alarm clock first showed up in October 2006 as the Open Edition clock which gives the “the illusion that one might actually have power over time:” Damon told the paper that “You can play around with the order of the digits, and then time’s completely out the window.”

Almost exactly a year later (your stopped clock joke here), the Times’ Home report posed this question: How do I choose a wall clock? Answer! “A more whimsical choice … is the Open Edition clock ($85;, four movable, free-standing blocks that display the proper time when lined up correctly. Although it is not a wall clock, it is a great addition to a shelf.”

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