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Heavy Metal: Minimalist Playing Cards for Futuristic Amusements

May 12, 2015

Our Minim Cards by Joe Doucet were featured on Heavy Metal in a post titled, "Minimalist Playing Cards for Futuristic Amusements"

"Should you find yourself on a long space journey, you’ll need to pass the time. If your ship is the Millennium Falcon, you could play a few rounds of the chess-like wrestling-hologram game Dejarik—just hope you don’t have to play a Wookiee. And if you’re on the Sulaco you could while away the time tapping a knife on the table between your splayed fingers—just hope some uppity android doesn’t ruin the fun.

The fact is, though, you’ll probably end up playing something familiar, like poker or hearts, with a standard deck of cards. But the old Bicycle Rider Back set won’t do in space—you’ll need something a bit sleeker. This deck by Joe Doucet & Partners will do the job. It’s called Minim and you can get them at Areaware."

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