Nerdist: Free Your Beverages With a Bottle Axe

The Nerdist featured our Bottle Axe by Sam Falco in a post titled, "Free Your Beverages With a Bottle Axe" by Jenn Fujikawa.

"Planning a long day of D & D or a gaming marathon with friends? Surely there will be snacks aplenty, but when you get thirsty and need to open bottles, wouldn’t it just be better if you had a battle axe by your side? Even better, a Bottle Axe! Inspired by Norse mythology and Medieval history, Bottle Axe is a stainless steel bottle opener that’s ready to battle beverages. Designed by Sam Falco, the Bottle Axe is available in two styles–the lumbjerack-ish Timber, and the very heroic doubled-edged Nordic style. This is no lightweight mini-weapon. Made of steel, it measures out at approximately 6.1 inches long and 1.6 inches wide, and it has a certain amount of heft to it when you pick it up. Since it’s 0.19 inches wide, there are no sharp edges and very little danger, except maybe to tiny trees."

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