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Design Faves: The wrist flask, a new way to carry a nip of liquor

September 09, 2015

Our Bracelet Flask by Object & Totem was featured on Design Faves in a post titled, "Design Faves: The Wrist Flask, a New Way to Carry a Nip of Liquor" by Steph Guinan.

"A new product design offers a sleek way to transport your favorite beverage. A combination of fashion accessory and functional transport vessel, the bracelet flask holds about one shot of liquor. Designed by Brooklyn-based ceramics studio Object and Totem and distributed by Areaware, the porcelain vessel is an innovative design solution that lets you carry your liquor hands-free, without the need for a pocket or purse When creating the design, Object and Totem explains that they began at the potter’s wheel, forming a flattened doughnut shape before the walls were hollowed and joined so as to create the interior void."

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