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High Snobiety: Original Solitaire Artwork Featured on Set of Playing Cards

September 19, 2015

Susan Kare's Solitaire Cards were featured on High Snobiety in post titled, "Original Solitaire Artwork Featured on Set of Playing Cards" by Jonathan Luk.


"To celebrate Solitaire’s 25th anniversary, Brooklyn-based brand Areaware has tapped game designer Susan Kare for a set of playing cards that appropriate the original’s pixelated likeness. Responsible for creating some of early computing’s most enduring icons, such as the trash can and lasso symbols, Kare helped to revolutionize graphical interfaces and the online space in general. While her initial designs made use of an IBM PC and Microsoft Paint, she opted to use Photoshop to recreate the card faces, including two jokers, which were produced exclusively for the Areaware release."

View the post on High Snobiety