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Our Gradient Puzzle was featured on the December 2017 episode of The Today Show. The puzzles were included in their gift guide selection for the Today's show Ultimate Gift Guide Episode at the 10:50 mark.

Bryce Wilner's Gradient Puzzle was a featured product in the Take Two column of The New York Times Style Magazine, pg. 82. Photography courtesy of Areaware.

Michael Moore - "Despite the government's best efforts to ban it, this puzzle proves the need for synthetic marijuana. You would have to be so stoned to want to tackle this, at which point it could make for a very interesting evening. Or month.

Peaches - "This is an arty nightmare. I'm a minimalist with some things, but not with a puzzle. I think I need to sit down with a cold coffee and the Lil Bub album for the next 10 hours and try to figure this out."

New York Magazine included a spread of Areaware products in their 2015 Gift Guide Issue in a feature titled "The Big Book of Gifts" Nov. 23-25, 2015 pg. 38-50. The guide features Solitaire Cards by Susan Kare, Gradient Puzzle by Bryce Wilner and Paper Clips by Daphna Laurens.  Photography by Bobby Doherty and vendors.


Domino included a spread of Areaware products in the "Domino Ultimate Gift Guide" in their Winter 2015 Issue featuring our Gradient Puzzle, Minim Cards, Radio Dock, Bracelet Flask, Numbers LED Clock and Bottle Opener, pgs. 117-129.




Bryce Wilner's Gradient Puzzle was featured in Western Living Magazine in a post tiled, "Ombre Puzzle for Design Lovers (and a long weekend)" by Anicka Quin.

"At our annual retreat to the cabin in Powell River last year, a puzzle became a week-long obsession for more than a few people in our group. I’d never really got the puzzle thing before then—what, you make a picture?—but there’s something meditative (and obsessive) about slowly picking through pieces and getting that satisfying click when it works. This new Gradient puzzle from Areaware isn’t exactly Amish children picking pumpkins (as the puzzle from the cabin turned out to be), but I suspect just as satisfying—there’s no precise point where one colour becomes another. And ombre as a trend shows no sign of slowing down—so puzzle this one for a while."

See the post on Western Living Magazine