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Our Bitmap Textiles by Susan Kare were featured on BonAppé in a feature titled, We’re Hosting Dinner Parties Just so We Can Use These Cloth Napkins. Photos by Chelsie Craig.

"They’re the most reminiscent of kitchen towels on this list, woven fairly thick but still very soft. (Perfect if you’re a spiller!)"

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Stacking Planter, designed by Chen Chen & Kai Williams, is deemed the "Next Status Planter" by The Strategist. See the story online here.

"When I reached out to these different design-minded people, I got a lot of responses, but the one that stood out the most — the one that had the most momentum — was this stacked planter from Areaware."

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Our Ridge Kitchen Set by Visibility was featured in the Entertaining Issue of Bon Appetit in a feature titled Mood Indigo, pg. 86. Photos by Stephen Kent Johnson.

"From coffee mugs to incense burners, we're finding solace in the eye catching hues of the most primary colors."

Our Goober Candles by Talbot & Yoon were featured in the Mother Magazine Spring Editor's Picks product round-up.  Story by James Kicinski-McCoy.

“I am a firm believer that candles can change the ambiance and mood of any home or space. I’m a huge fan of the large Haas Brothers candles, but they come with a steep price tag and are hard to find. Lucky for me, I found some cute miniature versions of them that are much more affordable and just as cool.” Goober Candles, $24, Areaware."

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Our Gradient Puzzle was featured on the December 2017 episode of The Today Show. The puzzles were included in their gift guide selection for the Today's show Ultimate Gift Guide Episode at the 10:50 mark.