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Areaware Catalogs

Design Stories Vol. 1

Areaware works with independent designers to bring their design ideas to life. We value design integrity, and collaborate closely with designers to realize their vision while also responding to consumer needs and market forces. There are many tests, outtakes, abandoned paths, and lessons learned on the road from project to product. In this publication, we are proud to share our Fall 2017 collection and the design stories that accompany them.

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Snake Blocks Product Brochure

This brochure features the Snake Blocks, a bestselling Areaware product. The blocks can be configured in many different poses, as narrated within. Learn more about the origins of the blocks and the design practice of Clara von Zweigbergk, a graphic designer from Stockholm.

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Puzzle in Puzzle

This is a puzzle within a puzzle, featuring imagery by photographer KangHee Kim. In her images, mirrors are used to interrupt a scene, adding mystery to an ordinary situation. We’ve designed a custom puzzle shape to highlight the image-within-an-image, creating two different puzzles that can be completed separately or together.

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Cubebot® Product Brochure

Have you met Cubebot®? Even if you have, do you know how to put him together in a flash? This brochure introduces all the colors, styles, and features of our number one toy. Also included are solution keys for Cubebot, Julien, and Guthrie, each one more challenging than the next. 

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