Design Story: Match Striker & Candle Holder

Josh Owen on his development of Match Striker and Candle Holder for Areaware.  

I’m pretty old-school in my approach to product development, so much of the initial ideation happens in a sketchbook after and during a period of research around the area(s) of critical-interest that I am investigating.

Once we reach a prototypical result from the factories there are always adjustments made to the materials and processes in question in order to achieve an optimal result regarding the project. I try to make things that last. In the case of products that go out of production but I feel are still relevant, I often try to find new manufacturing partners. This happened with a lamp I did for Bozart which later went to Kikkerland. The same thing happened with the Match Striker which was originally commissioned by OTHR, Joe Doucet’s company. Joe and I are friends, and he is another Areaware designer.


Photos courtesy of OTHR

Areaware was looking to build a series of product-relationships around my Menorah, which Joe thought was great. Why let a good idea die on the vine? Many of my products are simply extensions of a particular area of research-continuum. The Candle Holder, which Areaware asked for, was designed to connect with these other items.

I’ve been so fortunate to work with literally generations of Areaware people. Their thoughtfulness derives excellent products.