Eye Spy with Chiaozza

Scroll on down to see what Terri and Adam of Chiaozza, the designers of our Chiaozza Wall Hooks, found when we sent them on a studio scavenger hunt. So cute, so fun—just as we expected. 

Something Treasured

We have small shelves in our studio where we collect and display special objects we find on trips, things that friends give us, and miscellaneous studio ephemera that we find particularly charming or compelling. Rocks are endlessly inspiring: their shapes, colors, textures, hand feel, history, context, etc. Here is a little glimpse into our rock collection and beyond :)

Other objects in photo: "TOVE" leaf by Tamara Shopsin (@tshopsin), "Lady" incense burner by Kate Rosenberg (@gestalty), family portrait taken by Brianne Garcia (@briannegarcia_)

Something Fuzzy

This is a little finger puppet we purchased from a sidewalk vendor in Williamsburg.

Something With A Face

In 2019, we made a "prospective retrospective" CHIAOZZA Art Show in diorama form, for an exhibition at Fredericks & Mae (@fredericksandmae). Scale figures in painted clay are visiting the museum and looking at the artworks.


Something Shiny

We recently installed a rose gold disco ball at our studio. It rotates. Soon we will install a spotlight for it. In the meantime, at the magic hour, the late afternoon sun pours into the studio at just the right angle to create a Golden Sunset Disco Hour.

Something Essential
Paper pulp is a material that has become an integral part of our practice. Over the past decade, we've evolved our papier-mâché "recipe" to become more durable, more versatile, and more fun to use. We collect rolls of discarded photo backdrop paper from studios in our building, shred it, and blend it in water to create a sculpting material that we use in a variety of ways.

Something That Makes You Laugh

Our studio mate Ryan Patrick Martin (@slopflop) makes wonderful and buoyant artworks that make us smile. His presence in the studio over the past five years always manages to keep the vibe light and fun. This little sculpture is made from colorful discarded plastic pieces that he finds on the street.



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  • Chiaozza Wall Hooks
  • Chiaozza Wall Hooks


Chiaozza Wall Hooks

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These Wall Hooks are like miniature, functional versions of Chiaozza's playful sculptures. Their bright colors and patterns will add a bit of cheer to wherever you hang your hat.