Wall Street Journal: A Guide To Fall's Best

Solitaire Cards by Susan Kare were featured in the Wall Street Journal's Fall Gift Guide, "A Guide to Fall's Best".

"Once upon a time, there was a heroic computer graphic designer named Susan Kare (creator, among other things, of the original Macintosh trash-can icon and the “Happy Mac” that Apple users saw on powering up). In 1990, using the blunt cave-tools of the time (Microsoft Paint and a whopping 16-color palette), Ms. Kare designed a digital version of Solitaire to ship with Windows 3.0. Though Microsoft allegedly only included such games to train users how to drag and drop, Solitaire was an instant fan fave. On the 25th anniversary of that release comes this handsomely nostalgic pack of physical cards modeled, with Ms. Kare’s help, on her necessarily choppy 72-dpi classic, complete with punch-card-cutout corners. It’s aces." —Keith Blanchard

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