Thank you for your interest in collaborating with Areaware!

Areaware works with independent designers to bring their product ideas to market. Our designers maintain copyrights and receive a royalty, while Areaware manages all manufacturing, marketing, and sales of the product.

The submission process is open to all creatives. We have worked with product designers, artists, writers, students, and more. There is no "right" way to submit a product idea – but to make it easier, you can find some tips below.

What we find helpful

Tell us your story
Provide some information on who you are and the context of the work you are submitting (this can be brief).

Product images
Include images of the final product, early prototypes, renderings, or even sketches. If you are providing renderings or sketches, you can supplement with reference photos of the material choices, color palette, etc.

Links to more information
Share any relevant portfolios, websites, or social media handles.

Other details
If your product has already been available in a retail environment and you are interested in having Areaware handle manufacturing and distribution, please note that in your submission.


All product submissions are reviewed by multiple individuals on the Areaware team. We will reach out directly if a submission aligns with our development capabilities and market demands.


Send your submissions to: