Design Story: Pattern Shakers

The journey of a Dusen Dusen pattern and how it ended up on our Pattern Shakers

Arc Suit and Bedding, Photo: Dusen Dusen 

Ellen Van Dusen first created the pattern she dubbed ‘Arc’ for her brand Dusen Dusen back in 2018. The pattern is based on a Dragon Curve—an infinite fractal pattern that, when duplicated over and over again never intersects and, as the name suggests, its shape ends up resembling a dragon. Arc was first applied to Dusen Dusen home textiles and apparel, becoming a signature pattern to the brand. It has appeared on everything from towels and bed linens to a full, top-to-toe matching suit set.


Chair collab with Brendan Timmins, Photo: Ellen Van Dusen

The pattern soon made its way to a chair collaboration with furniture designer Brendan Timmins. Built mainly of plywood—Timmins's signature style—and then upholstered in textiles featuring Arc in various color ways.


Areaware Pattern Puzzles, Photo: Dusen Dusen

In 2019, we made Pattern Puzzles with Dusen Dusen featuring a layered, psychedelic version of Arc, designed to make a fun and challenging puzzling experience.


Ellen Van Dusen's home kitchen

Van Dusen also had it custom routed into plywood kitchen cabinets for her Bed-Stuy home (which, we're kind of obsessed with) and is ultimately what inspired the design for Pattern Shakers—our latest collab with Dusen Dusen, bringing dash of something special to your kitchen or tabletop. 

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Dusen Dusen

Pattern Shakers

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Taken straight out of Ellen Van Dusen’s home, this set of wooden salt and pepper shakers feature the same pattern that are custom carved into her own kitchen cabinets. Minimal in its design but still sporting that classic Dusen Dusen flavor, these will add a dash of something special to your kitchen or tabletop.