Design Story: Poppy Candle & Incense Holder

A classic chicken or the egg origin story: how a candle became a candle holder.

Our Poppy Candle and Incense Holder is our very first in-house designed home accessory. We began working on the concept in 2020, which was was inspired by the shape of our flower taper candles that we designed with Dusen Dusen.


Initially, we planned to translate all of the taper forms into holders that would naturally fit together, but decided the flower would ultimately have more visual interest than the other shapes. We didn't want to just produce a short version of the flower taper, however; we wanted to make sure it would have visual impact from every angle. The curved side of Poppy was a result of the intended function combined with the need to make it look more interesting than simply repeating a flat surface on both sides. Like the Dusen Dusen taper candles, the form itself "transforms" with the different uses.


After lots of tweaking and prototyping, we landed on a version that is multifunctional—a quality of design that we love when it can be achieved. The Poppy can hold a taper candle on one side, or flipped to hold a stick of incense on the other, so you can burn whatever best fits your mood.