Design Story: Stack Containers

The playful habits that led to the conception of Stack Containers.

Blob Lamps designed by Hannah Bigeleisen

Stack Containers were originally concepted from playing with the off-cuts of a few different sized dowels laying around the studio. There were several over-sized wooden knobs that I would try to balance on the ends to make a studio sculpture of sorts. The containers were also inspired by the organic shape of my Blob Lamp.

Wooden color samples in Hannah's studio.

Stacking forms have been a part of my studio practice for quite a while and have certainly made their way into my design language. Stack Containers play on this practice, but I also really wanted them to be as functional as they are visual.

Paper models explore the different ways Stack Containers could function.

Hannah's sketches documenting the design process.

It was a very involved process to make sure each of the containers was designed to hold a variety of different desk or table top items in a comfortable and ergonomic manner.

Various prototypes of the Stack Containers.

Naturally, the forms also use color to create a pop for each of the shapes.

– Hannah Bigeleisen

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Hannah Bigeleisen

Stack Containers

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A set of stackable containers to hold various odds and ends, jewelry, desk accessories, or whatever little thing you like. Its design is based on form and color, creating a sculptural object when stacked together and conspicuous catchalls when set out on their own.