Design Story: Twist Spread Set

An ode to slowing down: Designer Pat Kim shares the materials and practice that inspired his latest design for Areaware, Twist Spread Set.

I’ve always liked rope as a material; I’ve incorporated it into my furniture and artwork, made my own bowstrings for archery, and handle it a lot on our shops sail team.

The feel of braided rope in the hands is in large part the inspiration for making the Twist spread set. The pleasing twisting form transmutes the hardwood into something soft yet secure in the hands.

Twist Spread Set is a result of my growing interest in carving and whittling, it allows me to make little things away from the studio. I love taking a piece of wood out to the park and whittling in the sun, or at home while watching a movie or show (though my wife doesn’t appreciate the little chips that end up everywhere despite how careful I am). This kind of slow and loving work creates something special, with details that need to be seen and felt closely.

— Pat Kim

  • Twist Spread Set
  • Twist Spread Set

Pat Kim

Twist Spread Set

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This wooden knife and spoon spread set welcomes whimsy to your morning toast, PB&J sandwiches, and midnight snacks. Break them out at a party to accompany dips and cheese boards. We can hear your guests now: What a spread! Boasting a delightfully chubby, twisted form, they are likely to be the cutest thing in your kitchen.