1. Eye Spy with Chiaozza

    Eye Spy with Chiaozza

    See what Terri and Adam of Chiaozza, the designers of our Chiaozza Wall Hooks, found when we sent them on a studio scavenger hunt. So cute, so fun—just as we expected. 

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  2. Eye Spy with Nik Bentel

    Eye Spy with Nik Bentel

    We gave Nik Bentel, designer of our Moon Chalk and Doodle Crayons, a list of things to search for in his studio just because we thought it would be fun—and it was!

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  3. Design Story: Match Striker & Candle Holder

    设计故事 | 匹配撞针和烛台

    产品背后的故事 :Josh Owen 开发的 Match Striker 和用于 Areaware的烛台。
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  4. In Conversation: Nik Bentel & Micha Bentel

    在对话中 | nik Bentel & Micha Bentel

    An interview between Moon Chalk designer Nik Bentel and his twin, Micha. They chat about objects, chalk casting and bad design.

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  5. Design Story: Goober Candles

    设计故事 : 果伯蜡烛

    Talbot & Yoon discuss the inspiration behind their blob-like Goober Candles for Areaware.

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