Founded in 2008 by artist Bari Ziperstein, BZIPPY is a ceramic furniture and housewares company producing open edition wares. Inspired by architecture and industrial design, BZIPPY builds on a taxonomy of slab-based and extruded forms to deliver high-quality, rigorously hand-built, functional ceramic objects. BZIPPY furniture and housewares are included in multiple high-end showrooms, lifestyle stores, and its clients include some of the most prominent interior designers working today.

After studying art and women’s studies as an undergraduate and then earning her Master of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California in 2004, Bari Ziperstein worked primarily in studio-based sculpture and experimental public art. At CalArts, she studied with revered conceptual artist Michael Asher, whose method of engaging directly with the physical environments and socioeconomic structures through which artworks circulate was a profound influence. As Bari’s work grew more ambitious, she sought an alternative to the myth that the only viable career path for an artist is through teaching. The studio was conceived as a way to circumvent prescribed notions of success for working artists and is built on Bari’s innate creativity mixed with ideas inspired by conceptual art and intersectional feminist principles. The studio at large is a forward-thinking practice that evolves according to a dynamic strategic plan and a transparent approach to operations that centers the growth and well-being of its team.