Design Story: Tango Watering Can


It takes two to Tango: Designers Henry Julier and Pete Oyler describe their collaborative approach to creating a balanced and playful object for keeping your plants hydrated and happy.


To tango is to work in tandem. Since we began collaborating, we have found our rhythm in designing forthright objects that embrace utility and industrial production processes. We designed Tango to be joyfully functional and visually playful.  


Our initial sketches explored the idea of using the same form for the handle and spout, which was appealing to us on both conceptual and practical levels. Prioritizing a dynamic relationship, we spent considerable time honing the angles to ensure that both the hold and the pour were effective while still maintaining a clearly understandable visual character.


Over the course of development, the design shifted both formally and functionally – we adjusted volume; explored an angled rim; iterated bend radii and worked to understand details and constraints together with the Areaware team. Through all of these explorations we maintained our core design intention: a happy balance between form and function.


Reference Inspirations

Breuer S 35 L Chair
An example of timeless design that is materially and formally innovative, visually light and easily adapts a range of spaces.

Achille Castiglioni Door Handle
Elegant and formally dynamic, the upwards angle of the handle signals action–a guiding principle behind the Tango design.

 – Henry Julier and Pete Oyler

  • Tango Watering Can
  • Tango Watering Can
  • Tango Watering Can
  • Tango Watering Can
  • Tango Watering Can
  • Tango Watering Can

Henry Julier & Pete Oyler

Tango Watering Can

Precio habitual

The Tango Watering Can takes a thoughtful approach to a household essential. Its spout, handle, and inset lid work in tandem for functional ease and strike a graceful visual balance—sort of like a dance. You might be moved to take its hand(le) and cut a rug as you give your houseplants and garden the nourishment they need.