NYCxDesign Week is Better with Butter

Revisit our digital exhibition of butter sculptures for NYCxDesign Week 2024

In celebration of Areaware's latest butter-centric accessories for the kitchen, Everything Nice Butter Dish (Sophie Lou Jacobsen) and Twist Spread Set (Pat Kim), we invited artists, designers, ceramicists, and other creatives to participate in a digital group exhibition for NYCxDesign Week. The artists were tasked with making a sculpture inspired by an everyday object that could only be made better with butter. The objects are ones found in their homes, studios, or—at least in one case—on their person.

When all of these butter sculptures were brought together, the result was a display of affection and appreciation for the objects that we might typically overlook but that, though small, hold a significant presence in our lives—much like butter, a simple ingredient that has been making our every day a little bit better for many, many years.

Enjoy the rest of the sculptures from the exhibition below.

Shop the exhibition

  • Everything Nice Butter Dish
    designed by Sophie Lou Jacobsen

    The Everything Nice Butter Dish adds a bit of elegance to the humble stick of butter. The wavy dish is a touch flirty, and the lid has a round knob that makes it easy to pick up.

  • Twist Spread Set
    designed by Pat Kim

    This wooden knife and spoon spread set welcomes whimsy to your morning toast, PB&J sandwiches, and midnight snacks. Break them out at a party to accompany dips and cheese boards