NYCxDesign Week Launch Party at Colbo

We kicked off NYCxDesign Week with a launch party at Colbo to showcase our latest designs from Steven Bukowski, Sophie Collé, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, and Sam Bigio. There were lots of familiar faces plus many new ones. We are so grateful to all who were able to make it out—you made it such a memorable night for us. We had a lot of fun!

Much thanks to our most gracious host, Colbo, and our sponsors, Las Jaras Wines, Anytime Spritz, Boxed Water, and Christie’s Chips.

Designer Steven Bukowski posing with a display of his Pluma Stools

Designer Sophie Collé sits beside a display of her Splat Side Tables

Designers Chen Chen & Kai Williams hold their design, Stacking Planter Chrome

The Areaware Brooklyn Team

See more photos of the event here.

Photos by Yekaterina Gyadu