Simone Brewster

Simone Brewster is a London-based artist and designer who creates large scale, statement, sculptural furniture, objets d'art, and jewelry. She holds a degree in Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, and an MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art. Across media, her collections explore “intimate architectures,” the relationship that texture and three dimensional form has on memory and emotion,  drawing on architectural principles throughout. As part of the African Diaspora, her work marries the European influences of her education with an aesthetic understanding of her Caribbean heritage, bridging the gap between these two histories.

Brewster's work has exhibited at the British Embassy as an example of British Design Talent, been shown internationally with the Crafts Council UK, showcased during Collect at the Saatchi Gallery, among other domestic and international venues. Simone has been profiled in Vogue UK, Vanity Fair  and Elle Decoration for her work in jewelry and design. Learn more at