Design Story: Corduroy Sink Collection

Ceramicist Helen Levi shares how her clay tiles became our new sink accessories.

Corduroy Tiles Photo: Helen Levi

I first started exploring the ribbed texture on these pieces several years ago when a studio-mate of mine, a metalworker, fabricated a custom metal die for my clay extruder. An extruder is a manual tool that pushes clay through a silhouette, kind of like a giant Play Doh pasta maker (and there's definite Rigatoni vibes here).

Corduroy Cups and Mugs Photo: Helen Levi

I first started making cylindrical shapes like cups and vases, but then explored cutting up sections of the ribbed clay and laying it out - which led to a line of flat wall tiles, released last year with Ceramica Suro. I've also applied the texture to a line of beeswax candles, that started as clay originals.


Corduroy Beeswax Candle Photo: Helen Levi

I was particularly interested in working with Areaware to make a soap dispenser because that's been a really popular piece for me, and using their 3D printer, I was able to apply the ribbed texture to shapes that I wouldn't be able to achieve in-house. This was a brand new way of designing for me and allowed me to wrap the ribbing around different silhouettes.

  • Corduroy Sink Collection
  • Corduroy Sink Collection

Helen Levi

Corduroy Sink Collection

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A collection of sink-friendly accessories inspired by Helen Levi’s Corduroy tile collection. Featuring the same ribbed texture as its namesake, and translated into everyday objects for the kitchen, bathroom or wherever else you might wash up.