Magnus Pettersen

Magnus Pettersen was born in Sarpsborg, Norway in 1982. He studied product and furniture design at Kingston University and received an MA in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins. In 2010, Magnus set up his design studio in London, where he develops furniture, lighting and home accessories. Pettersen’s work is simple and functional, a reflection of his Norwegian heritage. His design process is driven by an honest use of materials and a streamlined manufacturing process. He draws inspiration from 1920’s glamour and luxury, mid-century simplicity, and Scandinavian purity. Pettersen was nominated for the prestigious Bo Bedre Young Designer of the Year Award in 2012. Learn more at

  • 混凝土办公桌套装 - 灰色
  • 混凝土办公桌套装 - 灰色

magnus pettersen

混凝土办公桌套装 - 灰色

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组织起来通常就像拥有正确的工具一样简单。我们的混凝土办公桌套装是确保一切有其位置并留在那里的一个很好的方式。 这套由实心混凝土铸造,包括一个小胶带分配器、铅笔架和一个小托盘。


托盘:6.5" x 3" x 1"
铅笔架:3" x 2.75" x 4"
磁带分配器小:5" x 2.5" x 1.5"